Thursday, April 22, 2004

Hot Air America

I wanna be "different" so it really doesn't suit me to pile on, but I must share my experience with this aural monstrosity.

Let's be Franken. (Lan)pher what it's worth, this weak attempt to buy some airtime, let alone build an audience is a lead balloon. Whoo, I think I just sprained my my brain....

So I listened one day last week. The day they were yanked from a couple of markets, to which brief lip service was paid in the first minutes.

I try to be succinct, so I won't transcribe all my notes. Suffice it to say that Kathy (she loves to be called that) and Al are not nearly as entertaining as their radio role models, Howard Stern and his giggly female sidekick Robin.

Interesting advertising line-up on the local station, which is barely receivable -- two tin cans and a mile of sting would sound better at my house.

There was a spot for Don Johnson Antiques. 612-824-1111. thought I'd toss him a free plug as this blog probably has a bigger audience than WMIN.

Other than Don, there were 5 spots in the first hour from the Media Wanker Ton "Community," extolling the infinite benefits of their sweet little gambling monopoly. The spots were imbued with such virtue that I was almost tempted to stop listening and speed down to Praire Island.

I promised myself to give this WOBW three hours, but 'round 'bout noon, this exchange between Gigggles Lanpher and a caller pushed me over the edge.

Caller: HeLOOOO!

Giggles Lanpher: HeLOOOO!

PK: Buh BYE!


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