Sunday, September 26, 2004

Small h hate v. Large H Hate

Hi All!

I got a call tonight from a fine fellow who, arguably, is my best and longest friend. He wanted to inform me that he had composed a couple of e-mail grenades, but failed to launch them out of concerns that his digital missives might come back to haunt him when the Bush Brownshirts get a whiff of them, he thought it safer to call.


My line is tapped directly to the RNC Ministry of Traitor Detection.

All kidding aside, this fellow, who demographically should be a Republican as he is idly rich, was figuratively foaming at the mouth at how much he Hates Bush and how he can't bear to visit my blog and how he can't understand how a smart guy like me doesn't understand what a reckless moronic Cheney-puppet will do to destroy our future if we can't overthrow his regime.

Hey, this fellow is not a political activist at all -- he just Hates Hates Hates Bush. Creepy.

I'll confess that I "hated" Clinton. Small "h". Dislike would be closer to the feeling. But it is kind of scary how charged this election is shaping up to be.

I diffused my friends direct verbal assault by an end-around, calming, changing of subject, but I managed slip in that Kerry doesn't have an ice cube's chance in hell of winning... To which my friend replied, "Just wait for the debates."

Personally I can HARDLY wait. Last nails in the Kerry Koffin, if you axe me.



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