Saturday, October 28, 2006

Who Says We Don't Have Enough Law Enforcement?

Hi All!

Can't prove it by me or my family.

We must be the Barkers of Falcon Heights.

It seems like no one in our family can step on a sidewalk crack without getting busted.

The latest absurdity happened to my oldest, who started at the UofM and moved out of the house.

I let him use our cute Honda scooter to get around campus.

This thing can push 30 mph on a steep hill with a strong tailwind, but normally 20-25 is all you're gonna get. Awesome gas mileage and very practical however.

So Alex gets' nailed by a Minneapolis Park Ranger for failing to wear protective eye gear, ie, sunglasses. In the course of the stop, Alex was asked for proof of insurance, which I have, but did not think to put the certificate in the storage area under the seat.

He was given a form to fill out to prove proof of insurance and here is where he effed up. He didn't think the ranger was a "real cop" and tossed the sheet of paper.

Today comes the official notice of driver's license revocation for the offense.

After 30-days, a written driver's test and about $100 in fines and fees, Alex will be able to drive again, but of course the violation gets added to his record, which already has a good start to it.

Ah well, the bankruptcy will make the scooter go away, so it won't get any of us in any more trouble.

Sure is reassuring to know how well our law enforcement system is doing to keep us safe from dread scooter riders without proof of insurance or eye protection. Let's throw 'em so more money once that miser Pawlenty gets the boot in 10 days.

I can't say "Cheers." And I won't say what I WANT to say. Effing Effers..... I believe I'll go out back and have a few tokes, just to show 'em.


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