Sunday, May 16, 2004

DFL Terrorists Off Yecke

Hi All!

Well, they did it. In the dark of night, the DFL Senators voted as a bloc to remove Governor Pawlenty's fine appointment of Cheri Yecke as Commissioner of Education.

Up to 3:40AM, The Governor's office was confident it had the votes to confirm.

The outrageous sneak attack that occurred will have deep ramifications in the futher polarization of the 2 Parties in Minnesota, to the great detriment of Minnesotans.

Till the end, the traitor Dean Johnson and his band of thugs held Yecke hostage to try to force their will on the budget and bonding issues. Compromise after compromise was offered by the GOP, but for Johnson, it was his way or the highway.

When it became clear that the GOP would budge no further to save the important bills, Johnson ordered the virtual ritual beheading.

Knowing Pawlenty, I assume he will seek payback, probably in the guise of a long special session in the middle of summer vacation.

He will also seek a new commish that will make Yecke look like a pussycat. Or so I fervently hope.



PS. My spellcheck came up with "Devil" and "Defile" as replacements for DFL :-)


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