Friday, May 07, 2004

Gimme a Buck

Hi All!

Hung out at the Ol' Mex tonight and had mixed success at Trivia, 'cos the conversation was so rich.

The guy next to me can't drive due to too many DWI, so I offerred him a "buck" in lieu of his usual cab ride.

He looked incredulously at me and was lost for words for a moment. "You want me to pay you a buck?"

Mygod I'm old. In the day, a "buck" was a sharing a bike ride with a friend sitting on the handlebar. Y'know, a "lift", a "ride".

My good friend Bill lost a few fingers when being bucked when the bike stopped for a car and he flew off the handlebars and stuck his hand in the spokes. 6th Grade, St Marks.

The guy to the right of me was three point five sheets to the wind when he left to drive home his new "hog".

Will see how many fingers he has left tomorrow. I personally wouldn't have let him buck me, not tonight.

Terbacky note: Saw many a pack sold over the bar counter, inhaled volumes of second hand smog, need to air out my clothes, but can't do it on the deck 'cos Ray Christensen has spotted an ominous cloud over South Dakota, moving this way.




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