Friday, August 27, 2004

A Letter to a Child

Hi All!

Here is something someone wrote and is willing to share.

29 July, 2004

My Dearest Child,

How do I begin to make amends to you for the bad examples I have set?

In most respects I think I’ve been a good parent, but my actions surrounding my disease may have taught you some negative lessons.

I was intoxicated on the day you were born, and most days during your whole life...
During my whole "adult" life.

When you were younger, I promised myself that I would either quit, cut down or at least not drink in your presence, once you were old enough to understand what you were seeing.

But I didn’t, couldn’t change.

You’ve witnessed a lot of awful things that have happened to me because of my drinking.

The way you cried when they took me away at the intervention is seared in my soul forever.

Yet, worse was yet to come.

You’ve seen me near death in the hospital.

You’ve seen me drunk and doing stupid things.

Worst of all, I often put drinking ahead of doing things with you.

Now look at the way things are.

I may have to go to jail or at least wear an ankle band so I can be tracked like an animal.

That super car, taken away forever.

Thousands of dollars that could be used for much better things.

A huge mess of a house, garage and lives.

Today, I swear to you a solemn oath.

On July 29, 2004, you will receive your best gift ever: a sober parent.

Still sick, but trying to heal.

Not duller by any means!

I will still be the same loving, nurturing caring and fun pal that you are used to.

But everything will be even better now so long as this dark cloud stays lifted from my life.

It's not easy to hold that cloud away, but now that I've confided in you, my precious child, perhaps you can help me make it so.



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