Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Lyrical Interlude

Hi All!

Today's entry is a lighthearted little ditty by Ian Hunter. My read is that it could be considered a pretty pointed, but somewhat confusing social commentary. If I really wanted to dive off the deep end, I would suggest it could be meant to say that it could apply to the liberal elites vs. the conservative everyman --- morons all, in the end. Let's get those comments coming in!

by Ian Hunter (from the album "Rant", 2002)
Redacted to eliminate repetitive chorus' by the Wog, 2004

We were morons from the day we were born
We believed every word that you said - boy were we wrong
We're all fat now - on the sofas - mini morons - taking over
Cos we're older now...

We were morons - red, white and blue
We were working class kids on the skids - with nothing to do
We're all dead now - in our boxes - holding on to what little we go left
Cos it's over now...

Read moron newspapers, watch moron television
All laid on by slimy little, sleazy little, phony little morons
Etonians, Harrovians, think they're the chosen ones
And they poke fun at scruffy little, spotty little, stupid little morons

Ha ha ha ha, look at those morons
Ha ha ha ha, they do nothing but whine
And they're slow all the time
Look at those morons, never mind...

We can leave them behind, while we're dumbing them down, we'll be robbing them blind

Ah Ah, morons don't matter at all.
No education, no informatioon
Morons are boring, ugly and small
They lower the tone, lets get rid of them all

Will to learn - gone away
Force fed garbage every day
We're the slaves of smarmy little, self important, petty little morons
Oxford - Cambridge - see how the other half live
Steer well clear of lazy little, filthy little, funny little morons

Ha ha ha ha, look at those morons
Ha ha ha ha, they're such terrible types
And they're not very bright - look at those morons
It's all right...

Let them fight every night, while they're missing the point, we can do what we like

Ah ah, I'm 60 and what have I got
I live in a warzone, surrounded by morons
Don't tell me I'm free when I'm not
Ah ah, abandon hope all who live here
We are the morons that you declared war on
Now everyone's living in fear
We're starving, it's something that needs to be said

Morons can never escape from the fact, they can never escape and we hate you for that
We we're morons - but then again no, no, no!



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