Thursday, August 26, 2004

Hottest New English Word Since Kindergarten

Hi All!

I have watched the web with bemusement as a fairly trite German colloquialism starts to worm into common English usage.

Sitzsprinkler, literally, "sitting sprinkler", ie., "a man who sits to pee," ie., a sensitive caring male who feels that he must give up his advantage over females in the urination department in order to show his support for sexual equality. I kid you not.

It's not about homosexuality (the Germans have some dandy slang for that!)

You didn't necessarily hear it here first, but be prepared to hear sitzsprinkler quite a bit from now on. Not long before Webster's will have to let it in.

For example, an evil Republican might say, "John Kerry is a sitzsprinkler." ;-)

I have been a sitzsprinkler out of necessity during some hospitalizations for serious medical procedures, otherwise I do it the way most men do, and where men often do, which is another advantage... but let's steer clear of that for now.

I do, however, close the seat and the lid, after wiping away the off-target sprinkles. "If you sprinkle when you tinkle, be a sweety, wipe the seaty!"

Even so, as another old saw goes, "No matter how you dance and prance, the last few drops land in your pants."



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