Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Battle Fatigue?

Hi All!

Am I the only political junkie that feels "overinformed" about Kerry's Vietnam "service"?

The story will certainly reinforce the choices on both side's adherents.

I wonder how the "masses of asses" are responding, as that group will elect or re-elect the next president.

By now, thanks to the efforts of bloggers (especially Minnesota's own Northern Alliance), the Swift Boat Vets, conservative columnists, cable news and now even the "mainstream media", the issues raised should have reached even the densest of the ignorant, oops, I mean "undecided" electorate.

I wonder out loud if there is a point at which some backlash will hit the Bushies. In that regard, the Republican National Convention comes at a great time.

Here's hoping that we get more than the vacuous, all-too-scripted tripe that the Dems spewed forth with their 3 hours of network coverage. It's time to take advantage of the Kerry camp's preoccupation with the Vietnam issue and move forward with concrete plans for the next 4 years.

One issue that is huge to me but has been pretty much ignored, is that of judgeships. Dare we attack the Dems for ruthlessly holding up appointments? Dare we have the guts to say that if re-elected, Bush will continue appointing judges who will go back to interpreting the Constitution strictly, instead of actively re-writing it?

The damage to Kerry on Vietnam is pretty much done. The dead horse is pretty much beaten.

If Bush uses the convention to express bold initiatives, people will begin to wonder of Kerry whether, to quote a phrase, "there's any there there."

Let we Republicans be the first to say, "Let's put Vietnam behind us. Let's "Move-on."



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