Sunday, May 08, 2005

Variety on the News?

Hi All!

I like to click, and have always been irked by the fact that the 10pm newscasts run commericals at the same time to keep us types from snatching some extra moments of information.

Tonight it was more than commericals. Both WCCO and KSTP ran sad human interest stories about sick kids at the same time.

WCCO aped KSTP's coverage of a reporter with cancer. This time it was the son of a reporter who is sick.

Don'tcha just love the variety? Oh, and what the heck happened to "news?" Oh yeah, KSTP dragged Dave Dahl out of his sickbed on his day off to breathlessly report on the very pedestrian thunderstorm we had tonight. The team coverage included a reporter who directed the camera to a downtown street and warned that, as we could see, it was still wet and slick. Then they ran footage of a car with the windshield wipers going, a shot of the sky with raindrops and flashes of lightning and a live traffic camera shot showing that, surprisingly, I guess, there were few accidents, although traffic was light so people were smart enough to stay home. On Sunday night of Mother's Day. Duh.

Finally, we learned the fascinating fact that it rained LAST Mothers day too!


In personal news, having crossed a finish line, I didn't watch where I was going on the cool down jog. More later. Or probably not. Turn 49 tomorrow. Still messing up like a teenager. That's a lost youth that should stay lost.



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