Saturday, February 04, 2006

Wog Raps Rap

I hate rap. I have listened to all genre of music from Classical to County to Punk and everything in between. Even hip hop, reggae, funk and fusion.

I can find at least some appreciation and enjoyment in all forms of music.

Rap ain't music.

Rap is vile and disgusting noise.

Lord knows I've tried. My kid has dozens of rap cds in (my) Trooper and I try to listen when he generously "lets" me use it.

An aside: My adult kid drives my loaded, comfortable, mega-sound SUV. I drive a wheezy, clatttery Scorpio with no heat, that is as old (18) as he. Music wise, it has typical factory installed 18-year-old AM/FM. It DOES get better mpg than the Trooper, and with snow tires, I can almost get around when it storms.

I totally discount the "your dad didn't like your music either" argument. I WANT to appreciate all forms of music, and I stay relatively current in my tastes. For example I really like Gorillaz and I have totally flipped for The New Pornographers. Of course, my bedrock tastes are power pop, rock and punk. Ian Hunter and The Kinks are my all-time faves, to which can be added Blur from more recent history.

The Gorillaz weave tolerable doses of rap into it's fascinating multi-layered olio of musical styles and sounds. Prince has also tastefully infused some rap into his work.

In the previous examples, rap fits as an interesting interlude in a coherent work.

Pure rap "songs" are as musical as a fart caught in an endless loop.

I refer you to a piece that really hits the mark: As the Cheat Goes On


PS. "Modern Classical" as practiced by the likes of John Cage is not music either.


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