Tuesday, April 27, 2004

The Political Assasination Attempt on Cheri Yecke

Hi All!

Having little better to do, even as the weird warming temps were luring me outside to smell the awesome smells of Spring, , I subjected myself to the Senate hearing on the totally forgone solution to the disgustingly partisan Yecke confirmation.

I will comment further, but for now, Circus of Fools will suffice. I'm really p.o.ed about this staged bullshit flinging show, but need to back off for now.

Suffice it to say, that throwing Stanek to the wolves didn't change a thing. The DFLosers are mean and nasty creatures and until we toss them out of OUR Senate, things won't change. I hope Pawlenty's crew will use this posturing Roman Tribunal to kick some political behind.

Bad People - 6
Good People - 4




My kids spill lots of beverages on this keyboard so forgive the often misspellings. Sometimes it's my fault, but not as intentional as Pompous Ass Sandy pronouncing Commish Yecke's last name as "Yucky."


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