Monday, July 04, 2005

Kuettel's "Firework" Display

Hi All!

I swore off fireworks this year. Too damned expensive. If we were up at the lake it would be a different matter. I'll never forget the year that my cousin, an amateur pyrotechnic maker brought some serious firepower that rivalled a small town display. The danger was delicious.

The wimpy things you can buy nowadays just don't do it for me anymore.

In the Spirit of the Fourth, however, I gave into temptation.

Having refreshed my Scorpio with 15 gallons of blessedly ethanol-free fuel at my favorite Spur, I couldn't help but pick up a $13 coffee can-sized thing called "Screaming Sorcerer."

Now, to me, a real firework shoots up and bursts in the air. But some of these "shower of sparks" emitters are fun in small doses.

So I shall light this puppy up tonight, whether the kids are home or not. Laura, Stan, Ollie and I will brave the mosquitos to find out just what a Screaming Sorcerer conjurs.

By the way, Lileks wrote an absolutely delightful piece about the mythical fellow who wrote the warning labels that are so widely published to this day. It wouldn't surprise me if Burnitt's work is more widely read (and perhaps ignored) than the Bible!



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