Thursday, August 11, 2005

Working Vacation from Blogging

Hi All!

Sorry for the dearth of material.

Have not been feeling well, mentally, spiritually and physically. I need to do some work to pull things together.

I have a day of tests coming up tomorrow at the U Transplant Center. Have really needed to practice Health Realization technique to deal with the apprehension. HR tells me that I can do nothing to guarantee what will happen tomorrow or ever in the future.

I have fallen a bit out of practice of the HR prinicpal of living in the moment and the powerful technique of "thought recognition." To that end, I have added another support group to my weekly routine, a strictly HR-based meeting. Went to my first one Wednesday night and it was very helpful. A great group, I could tell right away.

Still go to weekly group therapy for mentally ill addicts. Excellent help, but eventually I will run out of 6-week extensions and need to rely on other methods of treatment.

My life has been nothing if not complex of late -- more so than usual, which is plenty complex enough, thank you very much.

I just haven't felt like blogging or even reading my email. I was becoming pretty manic, what with going to the Turf, singing karaoke and playing trivia. At some point last week I just mentally crashed and started laying in bed with no ambition to do anything. This after hearing that I was "in crisis." I didn't see it that way right away, but the truth of it has sunk in.

It is very hard to decide how much of my soul to pour out here, and this is about as far as I'll go, I think. I have plenty of safe places to share my shit without letting the World in on it.

I have always wondered what would happen if I ever became a public figure again. What in my volumes of words floating around in cyberspace could come back to bite me?

I try to write with candor and sincerity. I hope that comes through.

Signing off for now. I may blog tomorrow. I may blog next week. I WILL blog again!



Blogger john said...

If you have an understanding of the Principles then the rest is just details. Glad to see Health Realization as a more common topic in the blogosphere.

11:41 AM  

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