Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Juvenile Jurisdiction

Hi All!

I just got back from the Juvenile Court.

From the best information I could gather, it appears that Mike Lemay will not be tried as an adult, rather will be placed under juvenile supervision until he is 21, at which point his record will be clean.

He will probably do alot of time in programs and community service, but as near as I can tell at this point, this is the best, fairest outcome that could have been expected.

I am thankful the way things turned out, and a bit embarrassed by what a big deal I made if the LeMays' ordeal, but things worked out much better than they looked 6 weeks ago.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

You certainly shouldn't be embarrassed by making such a big deal of the Lemays' ordeal; it was and is a major deal for everyone who knows Mike and knew Derrick. The only individuals who should be embarrased are people who don't speak up with their opinions when they see rights being potentially violated. This community NEEDS individuals to make a big deal out of events like this, otherwise they seem to go unnoticed too frequently. We can never know which piece of the puzzle was the turning point for the judge today, which piece caused him to decide to keep Mike under juvenile jurisdiction rather than sentencing him as an adult. I think it was very important that you and other individuals who questioned the system were involved in this. Last, I'm sure that Mike needs all the support he can get now. If no one ever spoke up about this or similar events, where would we be?

- a RAHS teacher

6:18 PM  
Blogger PK said...

Thank you. The family is conflicted to say the least about the minor role I tried to play, but the world belongs to those who speak up.

The system is not always fair, and sometimes it responds to a nudge.

6:36 PM  

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