Monday, August 29, 2005

Worse than Bad Weather

Hi All!

In my long and fabled computer-based career I have always prided myself for being frugal while charging my clients full price. Profit margin, some call it, I call it fee for service well earned.

My "MAIN" computer was abolutely state-of-art in 2001 and I got a heckovadeal on her.

She has been naked ever since, for better ventilation, quicker hardware upgrades and for the abject laziness of the owner. The front and side panels are about an inch thick with dust, buried behind the desk.

Our love affair needs to end.

The family has beat this poor computer to death. We have lived with a dozen or so spontaneous reboots and having to constantly refuse Microsoft's offer to send an error report. I guess it's the video socket on the mother board. No, I KNOW that's what it is.

Other than new keyboards from thrift shops every time "someone" ("I didn't do it!") spills pop which is supposedly verboten in the vivinity of the system, but typically ignored, we've transplanted disks and controllers and monitors and printers and networking and "Old Betsy" has rolled with the punches.

As much as she's dragged herself up of the mat, some tough choices need be made.

SOOOO.... I can replace the motherboard at great hassle or just buy a better box and relocate my precious disk drives. $150-300 depending.

What should I do?

Nanosystems is gonna be my first stop, but I'm not gonna rush into this.





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