Thursday, June 22, 2006

Watch this space

Am posting from beautiful LaCrosse, here at the Days Inn for Drew's baseball tourney. Tonight while the kids are away, the dad will play.

Short Schotz:

The Current comes in great on the 52 toward Rohester, due t their using WCAL's old tower in Northfield.

The famed "Minnesota Road Block Brigade is far more active in your rural areas.

One of the few times the cheek to jowl drive alivers broke up enough to squeeze thru in right land took us past a speed trap. Since we were only going 60 in a 70, I didn't sweat it but Drew was a bit anxious. Hey it's the Dave Bishop expressway. 70mph meaning 79 or more won't even drw a glance.

Speaking of Hwy 52, Rep. Bishop really brought home the bacon. Doesn't hurt that Sviggum uses it as well. Huge expansion to 6 lanes underway for several miles. The Rochester part s done and Albert Speer would have approved of the Teutonic symbolism harkening back to the birth of the autobahn in 1936.

As Souch sez, "Don't tell ME we don't have any money!" Fact is, under turn of century the dispositon highway money is now reiduculously and sshamefully tilted toward Rural MN that doesn't NEED that much anymore. Breezing thru Rochester, desit all the elderly and Somali drivers, move along fast. Couldn't help but to feel sorry for us in the Metro.

Watch for a roper set of Schotz (BTW it is NOT Sponsered by the German delicacy. I suppose I'l have to modify the way I use the name when the lawyes come, but that wold be fie because it would mean I would draw so many readers as to make me noticed.


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