Sunday, July 02, 2006

It's a Great Sad Scary Sunday

Hi All!

Laura is with her dad at the hospital. Complained of headache, dizzines and blurred vision -- Floyd, that is. He was taken by ambulance this morning. Waiting on word. Pray for Floyd. He's a great old Rock of a man.

I am feeling light as a feather. It is more than the usual mania that I have been experienceing since I finally lost the urge to imbibe.

I am very sad, because my last cherished dream has died. The hot wax is dripping from my wings as I plummet back to earth.

To deal with it, I got up early and instead of Mass, I thrashed out a barely intelligible (for the typos) blog entry which will be revisited many times and published when it is right.

Please stand by, and if you like my blog, I really could use the encouragement of more traffic on referrals.



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