Monday, September 04, 2006

Wog the Food Critic

Hi All!

At the end of this busy Labor Day I happened to be in the vicinity of an eating establishment that I have passed by for years. I have read good things about them, so I thought to give them a try at last.

Holy Guacamole!

Walked out with a thimble-full of ground turkey with Heinz Chili Sauce mixed in, and a large-ish burrito with a half can of black beans and a half can of diced tomatoes. The tortilla shell was pretty good, I must admit. But the "cheese" in the optimistically monikered "Bean and Cheese Burrito" must have been that rare delicacy from the Ecuadorian Valley, the aptly named, "invisible unobtainium."

I guess that's why the pile of crap cost $6.00. With the quote, "Chili" unquote the tab came uncomfortably close to $9.00.

Cheapskate that I am I forced myself to choke it down. We'll see if the wee hours brings gastro-intestinal revenge.

Chalk another one up for "fool me once." And to think that the Buzztime venue I had just left has perfectly wonderful little tiny but tasty Buffalo wings at a fraction of the cost. Not that I am about to start indulging in THOSE! Crappy food is relative. It's just easier to digest when less costly.

Hankering for a dollar value menu item at McDonalds about now.


PS. Not only did I manage to dodge The Fair this year for about the second time in my life, but the only food I EVER consumed there were the 25 cent Peter's Wieners. the 10 cent Pepsi's and the 5 cent all-you -can drink milk. I think I forked over 75 cents of mad money for a turkey burger once, as the booth was right next to the milk place. Guess what year. I guess it was about 1969. Sigh......


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