Sunday, August 27, 2006

About the Labyrinth

Hi All!

This post will go away soon, but I have had some inquiries as to where it is and what it is, etc. and I'm not sure if I should tell, lest the place be despoiled by a herd of tourists.

My flippancy aside, I must say that the first time I went back to find it, having learned of it, was by flashlight and moonlight on a fairly long path through the deep woods.

My aim was to frighten the kiddies, well Alex and Deddie, his girlfriend, both 18. Turns out not too be too awfully spooky and actually is a well-maintained site that is pretty amazing if you are into spirituality or even impressed by the work that went into making it and maintaining it.

Me, I fall somewhere in between. I am spiritual in my own way but I don't think World Peach (check the sign in the background when you click on the enlargement) can be achieved by mastering a tricky maze and meditating on a big old rock.

But who am I to judge, having kept attending Mass and really getting something from the rituals.

For all I know, the keepers have a website -- they DID have business cards but they were all soggy as was the visitor book.

I dunno. Guess I'll research it myself and tell all if anyone is really interested.

Oh. That's my '72 Bug that I learned to drive when I was 15 and held on to ever since. The boys are son Alex, 16 and his buddy Harry. To the left is the entrance to the path.



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