Friday, December 01, 2006

Garrison Keillor Delivers a Shock

Hi All!

I really used to like Keillor a lot. Still do, when he keeps his sniffy, phumphering nose out of politics.

So it was with great shock that I read these words attributed to our great local writer in Salon Magazine:

"Want to feel close to people? Come to church and sing. Whether or not you believe that the Creator of the Universe came to earth in the body of a child, the day itself is an enormous gift.
There are people who feel "excluded" by Christian symbolism and are offended by the manger and the angels and the Child, but there have always been humorless, legalistic people. Complaint is an American art form, and in our time it has been raised to an operatic level. To which one can only say: Get a life. When you go to France, you don't expect a stack of buckwheat pancakes for breakfast or Le Monde to print box scores. You're in France. Now you're in America. It's a Christian culture. Work with it."

(emphasis mine)

What a nice present! Merry Christmas to you, Garrison Keillor.



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