Monday, February 05, 2007

Prince Super Bowl Purple Rainout on Further Review

Hi All!

Ok, I warned you that I was live-blogging yesterday and was posting even as the stage was being dismantled.

As a fan, I tend to be hyper-critical, as I want so much for others to see what great taste I have. It drives my family crazy.

"Hey, you gotta hear this, you gotta see this -- just look for a minute!" Bad habit - Prince doesn't need Wog to draw rabid fans.

The reviews are all over the internet and are about 99.9% glowing, so I guess I put a "damper" on the celebration with my tepid review.
I look forward to watching it again and again today -- I haven't checked but I'm sure it's on YouTube already.

As for feeling sorry for my "man" getting caught in a monsoon, I guess it beats freezing your nards off in Minnesota.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Prince, you dirty dog

So if you thought this year’s Super Bowl halftime show was scandal free, think again. Although Justin Timberlake didn’t reveal Janet Jackson’s nipples, Prince did manage to throw in a not-so-subtle allusion to masturbation. During his Purple Rain guitar solo, the pop icon stood behind a screen and played with his…uh…guitar. If you missed the fun, you can check it out on YouTube.

Okay, so we all knew it was a guitar. But backlit against a shimmering sheet, with his wrist writhing to and fro, it looked like Prince could have been spanking his royal monkey.

1:53 PM  

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