Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The State of the Government Schools

Hi All!

Just looking for something to do other than to suffer the State of the Union Address which has already been reported ad nauseum. If I thought our President would pull a surprise and say what needs be said, I might watch. But George is a Bush, after all. Vacillator, conciliator, needing of love and approval and let the psychologists and historians have a field day.

GW has nothing to lose by staying the course, but he has simply lacked the charisma that a great leader needs to convince the governed to do unpleasant things in the long-term interest. Not talk'n just Iraq. Talk'n health care (less). Talk'n magical plants to save us from paying the Arab World for the rope they will hang us with. Eff it. I have lost all confidence in the USA and the buffoons we have put in power.

Now, what was this post about?

Oh yeah. Read and ye shall be rewarded.

I have this on perfectly good authority, but I am so paranoid about revealing my sources that I have to really change the circumstances of the story without losing the gist of it. Or not.

A public school teacher was so annoyed as to inquire of the principal why the American Flag was a half-mast day after day, and can't something be done about it (take it down would be her choice, I'll bet)

When informed of the traditional mourning period for a dead president, she, taken aback, insisted,

"Well, I didn't vote for him."

True story.



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