Friday, September 30, 2005

Wog's Favorite Capitalists - 1

Hi All!

At last, a trigger to get me to post.

I had a nice conversation with the owner of a heating and air conditioning business this morning. As my good old Amana furnace is pushing 20 years old and somewhat concerned about the looming natural gas gouge coming this winter, I thought I'd test the waters.

Lots of "GREAT DEALS" out there. I received a mailing from Sedgwick (an old Wang client) promising so many rebates and other savings that it sounded like I could get a new furnace practically FREE!

I have the nicest brother-in-law in the world, who does installs and service for Boehme and he recently told me I should get rid of the Amana due to age. He was not trying to be a salesman, in fact, he probably could get me into a new unit for a "special" price.

In fact, Boehme Heating and A/C is another local business worth dealing with.

The fellow I spoke with this morning convinced me that buying a new furnace just because the old one is "old" is like buying one of the silly hybrid cars to replace a 24mpg '89 Merkur Scorpio.

Sure there will be savings, but factoring in all the implications shows quite clearly that I should stick with what I got. Of course, if Old Betsy breaks down, she won't be worth fix'n.

So, the first entry in my continuing public service of finding great people running great capitalist ventures (that's "businesses" for the hard of reading) izzzzzzzz, drumroll ................

Snelling Heating and Air Conditioning
Saint Paul, MN
Phil Krinkie, Owner


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Looking for central air conditioning info I found your post. I agree!

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