Saturday, July 15, 2006

Blame it on The Missus

Hi All!

I'm watching with bemusement as Ellison and Entenza twist in the political breeze of their own making.

Is it just me, but do Democrats seem to look to their distaff side to dismiss their foolish and avoidable problems.

What Ellison (in my opinion) did by getting his poor wife to take the fall for his lack of reponsibility is disgusting. If course, SHE in turn blamed a mysterious new case of MS. I'd love to see the medical records to defuse my deep skepticsism.

Ellison also is trying to write off his troubles as a lack of political experience. He is just, after all, a two term legislator. But supposedly he is a lawyer too, although Mary Jane Olson might not think he's very good.

It so happens that I ran in a couple of legislative campaigns, far less successfully than Ellison, and did my own books. I picked up a fine for not filing a final report when I disbanded my committee a couple of years after the last defeat, when I decided to pull the plug on politics. $65, and I DID neglect to pay it. My bad. When active, the reports were timely, honest, detailed and accurate.

Foremost, a CANDIDATE is the one ultimately reponsible for signing off on reports, even if done by a trusted treasurer.

Elllison is done, but I suspect we haven't heard the last of him.

In other spouse news, Entenza's trophy wife, the $69 million dollar CBO of a huge health care organization under investigation of stock options fraud, created a strange situation.

A guy as shrewd as Entenza should have known better than to stir up the hornet's nest that is Mike the Hatchet. But the Hatchet was going after health care companies in general, and Mrs' Entenza's organization particularly.

But Entenza's downfall has always been his blinding ego and true deep down meanness. Hiring Chicago thugs to dig dirt on Hatch was overkill. Hatch's record is long enough to do him in if there is justice in this world. Why spend $200 (?????!!!!!) to hire a P.I. firm?

The trail of obvious lies (including the claim of spending $200) is digging our old friend a justly deserved hole.

Sorry for the politics, needed to clear my brain on the day before the Big Party.



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Paul, what are you running for?

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