Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Look Out Honey 'Cos I'm Using Technology

Hi All!

This morning, as I performed my daily ritual in the smallest room in the house, having read along with Tom Barnard the Strib story about the kid killed for a sports jersey (a "read-between-the-liner" if I ever saw one) I heard a new spot for Apple PowerBook.

Take it out of the box and plug it in. Done.

How true. How very true. I am not quite a true convert to Apple, but when I think of the years of my life wasted trying to make Bill Gate's messes of operating systems to work... ah, don't get me started.

Ok, just a current example. Having paid $49 for Microsoft "OneCare" (which can be had at CompUSA for $19 today) I have been rewarded with a scolding about my "counterfeit copy" which, even if were TRYING to screw old Billy out of $79, I shouldn't need to pay him for the XP virus. There has GOT to be some smart lawyer cooking up the mother of all class action lawsuits. Count me in.

Sooooo, I have a nifty utility that removes the scolding and it goes away--UNLESS you reboot the computer. It comes back, I run the utility, it comes back, I run the utility.

Why am I rebooting anyway?

Good point. Well, as I compose my literary pearls and stop to think of the best adjective or how most to push someone's button, I rest my finger on the SHIFT key for longer than 8 seconds.

Up comes a screen asking what I want to do about "Filter Keys."

I've tried "OK".


I've tried "CANCEL"

The result is always the same. Mouse and keyboard actions are all futzed up (oh, I am being SO restrained just now).

So I reboot and up comes Nanny scolding me for my nasty copy of XP.

I've written before what a revelation it was to get my first Apple and having it working just the way I need on the first boot.

They ain't perfect, them geniuse in the Apple Corps, and the Powerbook ain't as "intuitive" as they claim (albeit years of wrestling with MS DOs 1.0 thru XP has, perhaps, made me COUNTER intuitve) but their product is so far better than MS has ever done, that ... Adjectives and analogies escape me.


Rested the finger on the SHIFT key again. Time to get this posted, hopefully, and reboot and re-run the removal utility and reboot again.

Nice day outside.

Think I'll go for a walk.


PS. Before I dismount from my high horse, I must mention that the people who I depend on for this blog must have been fired from Microsoft for incompitence.

Blogspot -- Type, publish and pray.


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