Monday, October 09, 2006

Smart Move but Feeling Stupid

Hi All!

I have come to realize that I really don't need to spend several hours a day spending money on food and beverages while obsessing on Trivia (I capitalize it to distinguish the satellite-based nation-wide "Buzztime" service that one plays with a wireless gameboard and compete with not only the other players at the venue but all the players in the country).

I stayed home and got some needed work done. Smart, nicht?

What made me feel stupid was trying to fathom my oldest's UofM financial situation. I have spent many hours filling out forms for financial aid and there are more hoops than at a Whamo convention.

It started out deceptively simple. You do an online government form called FAFSA, which makes a 1040 seem like idiot's play. After it keeps kicking back your application until you have the t's crossed and i's dotted they forward send it to the college and the college tells you what they can do for you as far as financial aid.

Then the fun begins.

More soon.... Drew needs the computer...and I need to dash to a nearby Trivia venue for a fix.


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