Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Am I the Same as a Holocaust Denier?

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I haven't had many good ideas of my own lately -- they're all taken. So my posts today will borrow heavily from others.

It seems like the heat being generated by the global warming debate is starting to threaten the environment more than CO2.

It's hard to add much to the many perfectly sound arguments on the "bad guys", ie. the unwashed, unconverted skeptics.

Dennis Prager had a very good piece today. you can read the whole thing here.

In response to the latest hysterical liberal outburst of Ellen Goodman (trying to be obnoxious enough to be the next Molly Ivans) Prager wrote:

[Goodman's screed] "is only the beginning of what is already becoming one of the largest campaigns of vilification of decent people in history -- the global condemnation of a) anyone who questions global warming; or b) anyone who agrees that there is global warming but who argues that human behavior is not its primary cause; or c) anyone who agrees that there is global warming, and even agrees that human behavior is its primary cause, but does not believe that the consequences will be nearly as catastrophic as Al Gore does.

If you don't believe all three propositions, you will be lumped with Holocaust deniers, and it would not be surprising that soon, in Europe, global warming deniers will be treated as Holocaust deniers and prosecuted. Just watch. That is far more likely than the oceans rising by 20 feet. Or even 10. Or even three."

Count me as a type "b", as are scores of clear thinking, rational layman and even a few honest climatologists.

Which are you? IMHO, if you are "none of the above" you need to pull your head out.



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How about those who deny evolution?
See my entry for today on http://360.yahoo.com/sidaugherty

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