Monday, June 28, 2004

My Saint Paul Props

Hi All!

By way of introduction:

I have lived in Falcon Heights, home of the U of M "Saint Paul" campus and the
State Fair (which considers itself the Vatican City of Minnesota, but it counts
on the map) since 1988.

I was born at Miller Hospital but have had many more visits to St Joe's where I
can see my birthplace, now occupied by the History Center.

I am a product of the "Catholic Pipeline" which ran thru St Luke's, Nativity, St
Mark's, Cretin and the College of St Thomas. Married to Laura in and have had 3
urchins baptized during our 25-year membership in St Agnes, from which I will be
buried eventually. Kneelers, real Altar Boys, Altar against the wall. 10
o'clock Latin Mass with professional orchestra and chorus, incense, and a cheap
trip to Austria to visit a rococco church.

Grew up mostly in Merriam Park, close to T&C Club where I played grade-school
sports at Aldine and Merriam Park.

Biked everywhere and thru magnet tied to a string down bottle cap catchers to
fill up the Vikings and Twins sheets that could be cashed in for trinkets at the
Pepsi plant across the old, scary Wabasha bridge. The Lake Street bridge was
even scarier. The High Bridge wasn't too comfortable either.

Got my first Letter to the Editor published at 8 years of age. Had my most
recent one published last Thursday.

Hoping that the whole Metro will go smoke-free except for Falcon Heights. which
has exactly two on-sale licenses at Ciattis and Chin's. Will be good for
business! Just kidding with faux parochialism.

I do like it here, though. Small town amongst big cities. Laura is going on 10
years of City Council service and I took a couple of shots at the House of Reps
until we got redistricted into impervious Alice Hausman/Ellen Anderson-ville.
Geez, with McGuire and Marty, one could make it close at least.

I've rambled too long. Gotta do that "book" some day, but I promise it won't be
the size of a phonebook like Clinton's.




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