Thursday, June 17, 2004

Prince. OK, I'm Going With the Whole Family

Hi All!

First of all, I am a pentultimate "homer." I love to see successful folks come from this frozen tundra of The Twin Cities of Minnesota.

Secondly, I have been "crazy" about the little purple fellow since my bride and me took in an early showing of "Purple Rain" at a 4(?) plex (help me people) oh yeah, I think it was called the Skyway and I think we were the only white people there.

Had to buy the back catalog after that movie exerience an am proud to say I have a good proportion of Vinyl and CD output.

Not a fanatic, but a fan. Kinks? Mott and Hunter/Ronson? Get out. I'm insane about those acts. Crawl over broken glass, etc.

First and most recent time I saw the diminutive genius was at the late but not lamented (except by me, who saw so many great rock shows there) St Paul Civic Center. It was the "Nude Tour" stop of 5/6/90 and we had "awesome" $20 behind-stage seats. He crawled up the catwalk a couple of times to say hi, but mostly saw his ass at front stage center.

Here these 14+ years later I am missing getting high with my girlfriend and wife-to be and having to sit in the 49.50 + Ticketbastard $12.00 "convenience fee" nose bleed seats at Excel.

I'm told we can see it all on the video screens. Great.

But I'm not complaining. The man is a genuine talent, unlike, say, 95% of current pop stars, and I am expecting a night to remember...not for the traffic jam (I've got a 'make a move' secret plan)

Paul, Laura, Alex, Drew and Catie will share the experience. I know we won't be disappointed.

If anyone is in a town that is down the road on the Musicology Tour, see if you can get a ticket. The price is outrageous, but par for the Rock Tour Course these days, and you get a free Musicology CD. I already have one, so 5 more will be on eBay shortly.



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