Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Pick Pocketed by Request

Hi All!

One of the results of my short luxury vacation in Ramsey County Adult Detention Center was having tripped on my ill-fitting flipflop footwear and taking a dive into one of the comfy concrete benches that are available throughout the place.

Knee and nose ok, just a lot of blood, but I totally munched my left index finger. Just got news from the doc that it will be 6 months to a year of PT to get the thing working properly again.

I have always kept my wallet in my left rear pocket. If it isn't there, I feel it and often panic until I realize I left it on my desk or somewhere.

In my current state, I can reflexively get it where it belongs, but it is nigh impossible to remove.

At WalMart today, I needed to ask the "guest" behind me in the checkout line to dig it out for me.

So now I can say that a "minority" fellow picked my pocket, much to my relief!

I am consciously trying to remember to use my right ass cheek pocket, but it's still 50/50, so I suppose I will need to utilize the kindness of strangers again.




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