Tuesday, August 17, 2004


Hi All!

Just a quicky. I was bored tonight and thought I'd have me a google. Box of chocolates. What should I find under my own name but a response that one of my musical gods, Ian Hunter, replying to a post I sent him after having seen him at the State Fair with Ringo's All Star Band.

How in hell do Google prioritize that shit?

So if you're of a mind to see what a 60+ year-old rock and roller has to say to little old moi, see if you can find a reference to "Kuettel" here.

OK, your too lazy to look it up so here it is:

So Saint Paul rocks and Minneapolis doesn't? What do I know, I'm just passing through. Yeah, I remember Sheila saving my rear. I did the same thing in Florida. Can't win 'em all. See you at First Avenue.

Ego boost, I guess. Can't even remember what I mailed to get that response. A bit over the line at the State Fair that year (and several others).

Will get serious again soon. Had a nasty fall from a mini-bike last weekend and the ribs are a bit tender, but the fingers and brain still work.



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