Thursday, November 03, 2005

How to Make $30/hr Eating Good Food

Hi All!

I was as giddy as a school girl (I know this, because Catie said she wanted to skip school to join me) to have been invited to Davannis to sample some proposed menu items.

Free food and drink with a $30 gift certificate and $30 cash at the end. Is this a great country or what?

Of course, it helps to be indolent and collecting disability, but my disability does not too much interfere with eating...well, it does, actually, but I get away with cheating alot.

When "Pontillo's" arrived at Grand and Cleveland during my College of St Thomas days, several of my friends worked there. Here we are, 30-years later and two of my friends are big shots in what has become the succesful Davanni's chain.

The new secret menu items were a mixed bag. They are opening a coffee shop to be called, I think, "Coffee Bene" next to the original Pontillos and the sandwiches will be great. The pasta items for Davanni's were good, but nothing you can't get anywhere else. I think they should stick with the pizza and hoagies. I don't even much like their lasagna.

So, to wrap up the report, the 7 samples were a heckova nice brunch and I promised Catie to take her there tonight for a turkey hoagie with extra meat and cheese.



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