Monday, May 15, 2006

Bowlderized Wog-Wisdom

Hi All!

This day keeps getting weirder. Farmers told me that if I turn in my driver's license for three years they will keep taking my money for my house and kids and wife. Fat Chance.

Might darned well turn me into a criminal -- heck, I already am one, and one misstep from a felon, but I have been promised that I am terminal so what the hey.

Tried to post a comment to my favourite blogmeister, Mitch at Shot in the Dark.

His "service" rejected my post for "unacceptable language."

I spent a half-hour trying to creatively re-phrase the objectionable prose. All for naught:

Answer below, but here are some of my tries:

"Puh Lug my blog"

"P u H *(lug) my blog"

"Pull my log" (kidding, but I'll bet that would pass muster as well as writing "ass-master" backwards)

Ah, I'm over it so I will cut myself off and have a nap.

Here's what you can't say on Mitch's blog:

"I know it's not kosher to plug your blog on another, more heavily, muchly more active and read blog, but I've got itchy keyboard fingers today and your readers of these comments (does anyone read those except Mitchell?) will perhaps be edified, if not entertained."



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