Saturday, April 24, 2004

Today's Northen Alliance Radio Critque...and other stuff

Hi All!

Great show, guys, and I mean it sincerely. But the guests today were snoozers.

That Yale prof never got a chance to flesh his opinions out.

Nobody challenged Traitor Tice on his obvious financial consideration in selling his soul to the devil Strib.

The MST3K guy got too much air time. Too inside to draw the vast audience that 1280 needs to build.

I think I will promise not to criticize the program too much -- everyone on the show is 10 X Smarter than Me, so I'll back off for now.

Other Things. No Females. Get Kathy Kersten on, if you haven't already when I wasn't listening, and how about Sarah Janecek and Anette Meeks? How about Peter Bell or gadfly Lucky Rosenbloom? Just don't axe me. I am a smooth bottomed white boy conservative, and your show in particular and TalK Radio in general has enuf of 'em already.

On to one other thing. Does anyone else but me get annoyed by all those Honda ricers with the three inch fart tubes weaving in and out of traffic with expired tabs and threatening lives?




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