Friday, April 01, 2005


Hi All!

A bit of this and that...

Terry Schiavo is dead, John Paul II is dying. Read a good line in Opinion Journal: "The pope now has a feeding tube. Good thing he's not married."


Mitch Berg Sighting. The media and internet raconteur was spotted in the vicinity of Hamline and Minnehaha at about 3:00 pm on Thursday, according to my sharp-eyed son. Asked what the endlessly busy bloggy bustler was up to, Alex reported, "It looked like he was just walking." Just walking? Developing...


I continue to catch some concerned and well-intentioned heat about my newfound predilection for O'Doul's Amber. Have done deep internet mining and have satisfied myself that it is about as dangerous as vodka-free orange juice.

As far as the mental craving/relapse stuff. It is not an issue. If it were to become one, I will deal with it. For now, as Bowie lyricized, "If he says he can do it, then he can DO it, he don't make false claims." Refer to "Watch That Man" on the "Aladdin Sane" elpee.

The clincher for me was a research report on which combed Islamic teaching and concluded thus:
"Hence, there are no grounds to prohibit this drink. And Allah knows best."

Of course, Muslims have used the Teachings to draw some conclusions, such as jihad against infidels like me, that one could take issue with.

But I'll have to go with Allah on this one.


Still sorting things out about losing the collector car thanks to the MADDness which influenced current DWI law and allows such grossly unfair and unevenly enforced seizure and forfeiture of assets without regard to financial consideration.


Heard from a fellow on the 90-day house arrest program. Apparently they are letting him do his time at Hazelden, but somehow he was able to get some booze and now he is waiting to see if they are gonna toss him in the workhouse. I wish him luck. The same threat was made to me this week because I got home a bit late from my scheduled away time on Easter. My poor supervisor got paged at his family holiday gathering and he was much inconvenienced by my tardiness.


One of these days I've got to ruminate about the uniform unpleasantness of every single law enforcement person I've encountered during the past year. I guess they feel that if they show me the least kindness -- even a smile, that I will become so attached to the penal system as to recitivize.


Barnard and the Morning Crew on KQ pulled a decent April Fool this morning. Provided deadpan reportage regarding a "Judge Anderson" who had struck down the new no smoking in bars law. Was so convincing that I had to go to the web to check the local news sources. Wonder how many thousands of listeners and second-hand hearers will be disappointed when they show up at Squirrely's with a pack of Camel Straights tonight?

Now you can pack heat in a bar but you can't bring a pack of heaters.



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