Sunday, August 20, 2006

enCompassing Church and State?

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I love to cruise along Vadnais Boulevard between Rice and Edgerton on a lovely day. Lake Vadnais is part of the St. Paul Water System and thus the lake and surrounding land is similar to something as unspoiled as a remote BWCA lake with the added bonus of no canoes, let alone any floating conveyance.

What once was a crystal clear spring fed lake, Vadnais is now connected to the Mississippi. It looks pretty except for the milfoil patches, but the water is pretty icky. Nevertheless, shore-bound fisherpeople collect quite a bounty of freshwater fish, Sunnies, Crappies and Bass particularly.

Legend has it that Water Department and tresspassing divers have observed monster fish in the deep part of the lake. I believe it, being as the lake can't be fished from a boat and is aerated in the winter might lead to some very old and big swimming creatures.

What is the point of this post? Oh yeah. Got lost in the mini-rapture of a history lesson.

Our hopelessly underfunded Government School System managed to construct dandy new Urban Agricultural Science Charter School on a primo piece of land next to the lake.

The school's supporters approached Falcon Heights when I was on the planning commission and we chased them off, as they wanted to take our biggest property tax donor, Harvest States Co-op, off the rolls. (Ended up in non-profit, non-taxable hands anyway with TIES, which gets its funding from the Government Schools).

First generation of the school was on Rice and B2 sharing space with a school for hard cases.

The new school is state of the art. I admit it is quite comely and fits it's foresty environs fairly well.

Lately on my Sunday drives I have noticed signs for a new church, called "enCompass."

They hold their 10:00 service at the Ag School.

I approve, but I wonder how this fits in with Government School System that goes to great lengths to keep any sort of religiousity out of it's indoctrination camps.

Hope I didn't blow a whistle.



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